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Who We Are

About Us

About us
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Who are we


BBS ETUDES ET REALISATIONS provides a full range of services in the field of studies and construction. Carrying out construction work in Algeria, BBS is one of the regional construction contractors carrying out projects in the public and private sectors with an excellent reputation for service and loyalty.

Our long-standing team is expert in various types of contracts such as design and construction.


We intervene in

Architectural plan

All the technical representation of your project on plan.

Cvil engineering

Study of the structure, geotechnics, hydraulics.


A realistic 3D rendering of your project to be able to project yourself.

Consultation of plans

Advice and guidance on your plans.

Execution plans

Drafting of a document that contains all the useful information during the construction of your project.

Topographic study

To accurately determine the characteristics of your land.

Soil study

To prevent all geotechnical risks that may occur.

Site supervision

A follow-up service throughout the progress of the construction site.

Expertise and counter-expertise

To avoid all risks of defects.

Who are we


Since the creation of the realization company in June 27, 2000 and the opening of its study annex in September 01, 2018, BBS studies and achievements has had the pleasure of carrying out 73 architectural studies and 26 civil engineering studies, and with a great joy, she has succeeded in carrying out more than 50 projects, many of which are turnkey.

BBS Etudes et Réalisation has different types of projects such as “individual house”, “private school”, “conference room”, “buildings”…ect.



We work collaboratively to achieve excellence for our clients and share the same core values and beliefs.


We work in partnership with all stakeholders involved in a project and pride ourselves on our integrity and professional approach.


Our team experienced and passionate about adding value and building positive relationships through this teamwork.


After 23 years of experience, it is a success of which we are happy. Our priority today is to continue our growth. This is why we are strengthening our ability to innovate and serve our customers.



A serious and competent company led by a civil engineer; some of my projects have been carried out by this company (3 reference villas). Respect of deadlines and quality of work.


Mohamed Azouz